Monday, April 17, 2006

Things I’ve Learned in the Past Few Days

1. Fresh hyacinth is a wonderful scent to wake up to.
2. At times, I can be pretty persistent.
3. The second bite of raw horseradish is much stronger than the first.
4. Sewing is more difficult than it looks, but also more fun.
5. Writer’s block sucks.
6. I really don’t look so bad in jeans after all.
7. I am a little bit scared of dying during surgery.
8. I’m going to be a good mother, and I’m going to have a really, really good time with my kids.
9. I’m less intimidated by strangers than I used to be.
10. In my opinion, Brangelina has totally exceeded its saturation point.

The Seder was great. C.S.’s nephew liked me, as did her niece. C.S. and her nephew and I spent a wonderful day together at the American Museum of Natural History. I got to see the museum with fresh eyes—fresh three-year-old eyes. Instead of looking for stitches in the taxidermied diorama animals like my usual morbid Gen-X-er self, I got to notice which animals had “zebra legs” and which animals had “bird friends.” At lunch, I got to feel virtuous by ordering a grilled vegetable sandwich with salad, yet still got to eat a lot of French fries that tiny fingers left untouched. Calories on other peoples’ plates don’t count, you know. Especially when other people are very small.

By far, though, the best part of the day was when C.S. and her nephew and I all sat in traffic in C.S.’s mother’s car, calling out silly nonsense words to each other and laughing hysterically. Shakespeare himself never had such fun with words. The child’s laughter was literally infectious. His laugh was full of the deep, uncontrollable giggles that only come from being three. And C.S. and I laughed the deep, satisfying laughs that can only come from having a child like you and making him laugh.


Anonymous TB said...

Arabella, that sounds so lovely. And yes, I think you will make a wonderful mother.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Izzy said...

"Calories on other peoples’ plates don’t count, you know. Especially when other people are very small"

lol...I subscribe to that philosophy myself.

Sounds like a great day :)

(and amen to that last one. Brangelina = Enough already!)

10:21 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

That you appreciate the world of children so much is why you'll be a great mother.

I say enough of "Tomkat". And quit referring to their baby as the "Tomkitten"-blech.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Mignon said...

Yes, to everything. I was sick of Brangemeana before it even got started. There's just far too much traipsing going on there.

(You didn't even have to bribe him with candy?? You are good!)

12:39 PM  
Blogger mama_tulip said...

You will be a great mother. :)

2:17 PM  
Blogger wordgirl said...

Ditto what MT said. And you're right...calories from the plates of little children don't count.

4:49 PM  
Blogger Jess Riley said...

Great list! And yes, #5 does indeed suck.

Your last paragraph was so heart-warming! :)

10:45 PM  

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