Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Current Statistics

Weight: 124.4 (ok, 124.6 pounds). I.e., holding relatively steady (up .4 pounds since last recorded weigh-in several weeks ago), despite yesterday's mid-afternoon pastry festival. Which, by the way, was worth every calorie. Coconut icing. Coconut. Must be the stress, 'cause it sure isn't the exercise.

Physical status: Showered and dressed, a 50% improvement over yesterday.

Foreign objects on clothes: Mashed-up bits of Trader Joe's "This blueberry walks into a bar..." A marked improvement over yesterday's milk and toddler urine.

Foreign objects on couch: Milk.

Wounds: Scab from toddler scratch on forehead almost gone. Fresh toddler scratch on nose still smarting. Horrible thigh bruise from banging leg into a desk about 40% gone.

Failing at: Home life today--Thyme cried and refused to kiss me out of anger when I told him I had to go do my work. A major fallback from yesterday's failing at work, succeeding at home. In relatively good shape at work today, due to completing a major project way ahead of schedule. Relatively. Other projects still lag, and I won't be able to focus on them due to feeling sad about letting Thyme down.

This is the hardest, hardest balancing act I've ever done. No wonder I'm spent, physically, emotionally, and creatively. I don't care if Jon and Kate cheated on each other with horses; they should both be canonized.