Monday, February 08, 2010

Waste, Post-Haste

When Ty and I got married, his old bachelor “love seat” served briefly as our living room couch. I put a stop to that not quite as promptly as I did the sublet from his ex-girlfriend, or his old mattress, but with all due haste nonetheless. Said loveseat became mere extra seating, and, upon the arrival of Sage and Thyme, was further demoted to a baby-changing area. As they grew and the composition of their diets changed from primarily liquids to primarily solids, we even did away with the waterproof pad and towel that covered the upholstery.

In doing so, perhaps we were finally too hasty.

Things I’ve learned in the past week include, feces is a protein stain! Who knew? Vomit, apparently, is a protein stain as well, according to the good folks at Woolite Stain Solutions, who, by the way, have singlehandedly managed to save our living room rug, which is the most expensive household item we own that isn’t somehow connected with food or sleeping. Props to you, Woolite. Props to you.

And speaking of rugs...while I try not to strain my imagination in contemplating the protein stains that Ty’s loveseat saw before I came on the scene, I’m quite certain that they were obtained more enjoyably than its modern protein stains.


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