Friday, November 11, 2005

The Greatest Documentary in the History of Documentary Filmmaking

One warm, lovely night this past summer, I made dinner and decided we would eat in the living room near the open window. I had set the table and was relaxing on the couch when Ty arrived home.

"Hey, there's a concert in the park tonight. I thought maybe we'd head over there after dinner, since it's such a beautiful night," he suggested.

Normally, I love a concert in the park--any concert in the park--because I happily latch onto any excuse to drink wine and eat cold chicken while sitting on a blanket. However, given that we were clearly going to eat at home that night, and I was already sitting on the soft, soft couch, I was less than enthusiastic.

"Sure, dear," I smiled. "Let's just watch a little TV while we eat first, ok?" A line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding sprang to mind: "The man may be the head of the family, but the woman is the neck, and the neck turns the head any way it wants."

I put on PBS, having already determined what would be on at that time. After about five minutes, Ty turned to me, mouth agape.

"This is the greatest show ever."

We never made it to the park that night.

So, what were we watching?

As an avid blogreader, I am a sucker for a good, complicated post title, preferably one with some kind of highbrow intellectual reference that I understand, so I can read witty writing and strengthen my ego at the same time. As a blogwriter, I know how difficult it is to come up with such a title, as I have yet to do so.

Imagine, then, my surprise at the spare beauty and elegance of this documentary title:

"Sandwiches That You Will Like."

That's it. Perfect in its simplicity.

It's a documentary about sandwiches made by noteworthy cafes and restaurants across America. I highly, highly recommend it. In fact, it initially inspired our trip to Philadelphia (the deal was sealed when I found out that we could both eat great sandwiches and go to not one, but two morbid museums).

Please watch it if you can. If enough of us do, perhaps Rick Sebak will make "Cupcakes That You Will Like."


Blogger Mignon said...

Come on - Quit Teasing! What were the sandwiches?? And what was the concert in the park you skipped?
Me: Missing city life, live music and TV.
You: Providing me with vicarious thrills.

1:48 PM  
Blogger Arabella said...

Ok, ok. Concert in the park was the New York Philharmonic (thanks, Ty, because I didn't remember that). See today's post (about to be written) for sandwich info, complete with pictures.

9:26 AM  

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