Friday, October 28, 2005

My Favorite Misnomers (Urban Version)

1. "Studio"-- This conjures up images of a well-lighted, well-organized atmosphere in which to produce neat, highly detailed technical drawings. In reality, it's often an apartment whose big selling point is that the bed is located within easy proximity of both the television and the refrigerator.

2. New York City's 1-Day "Fun" Pass -- a $7 card that provides you with unlimited subway and bus rides for one day. The name would be fine if its usage were limited to, for example, going around town from department store to department store interspersed with lunch, or park to museum to movies, but one can also use this card on a day when one goes from a proctology appointment to the funeral of a former coworker, and then to a visit with a friend in the hospital.

3. Many chain "drugstores," where one has a choice of 17 different brands of lip gloss, but cannot locate the one specific OTC medication one's doctor has recommended.

Do you have any to add?


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