Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Curriculum Vitae and Such

Now that I've got two completely random posts under my belt, I thought it might be a good idea to give you, my pretend readers, a little bit of information about myself, and why I am writing this blog.

First of all, my name isn't really Arabella. That's just a pseudonym. I'd love to have a pseudonym as cool as Mark Twain or George Sand, but the only really creative pseudonym I've come up with I'm saving for my brilliant film career. Therefore, you'll have to settle for Arabella, which is a name I really like but that my husband has vetoed and therefore must be stricken from our List of Potential Names for Our Future Baby Girl. Maybe someday I'll use my real name, but don't hold your breath.

I have no real qualifications for blog-writing, other than the occasional humorous e-mail to my best friend and a knowledge of the correct spelling of the word "definitely." I suppose, also, that it's worth mentioning that I am in one of those careers that tends to produce a lot of frustrated creative writers. I'll tell you more about that some other time.

There are essentially four reasons why I am doing this:

1. The Internet Age has been moving so quickly that I fear I am becoming the analog of someone who still listens to music on cassette tapes. I need to learn more about how to do stuff on the Internet, so that I can go to cocktail parties and participate with a more convincing degree of awareness as others discuss the pros and cons of things like RSS feeds and Movable Type. Maybe someday I'll even be able to change the "Edit-Me" links on the right to real, working links of sites that I like.

2. I like writing and I like the idea of being a writer, but I seldom like anything I have written when I go back and re-read it. For example, I'm very unhappy with what I wrote yesterday. It's so boring and cliched and tedious. Movie stars are too thin! There's too much pressure on young women! I'm not going to participate! The funniest thing in there is the soy lasagna, which I did not invent. People are actually eating this. I don't even like the way the German shepherd/ribeye metaphor turned out. So, I hope that by posting my writing on a regular basis, then re-reading it, I will be able to get over not liking my own writing. If anybody besides me ever reads this and posts comments, the comments will inevitably be negative, since one can post a brownie recipe on the Internet and get negative feedback, and negative comments should (repeat: SHOULD) help me develop a thicker skin, which will also be good for me.

3. I follow a number of blogs, many of which are written by very funny women whom I admire, and I want to be one of these Cool Kids. Maybe someday I'll post links to their sites, when I figure out how to do that. They will then acknowledge my greatness and accept me as one of their own.

4. I like the idea of doing something that I have complete control over. I can change the direction of this blog at any time; I can change the background, or the font; I can even stop writing it. Having undertaken to shower and dress every day, keep my clothing laundered, be faithful to one person 'til death do us part, get 1,000 milligrams of calcium, and make dinner several times a week, it's fun to make a somewhat lofty commitment that I am able to abandon at will.

Time for breakfast.


Blogger Jessica said...

Sorry I can't help you out with the negative feedback, Arabella. I *like* your writing. :-)

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Arabella said...


6:18 PM  
Blogger Mignon said...

Hi Arabella. I am all about #3. Sadly. Are we Dooce-wannabes just fooling ourselves? I don't think so. Or I hope not. I just want someone I'm not related to or sleeping with (my husband, that is) read and comment. So, guessing that you feel the same, I'll read you. Hell, I'll even bookmark you! You go!

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Arabella said...

I'm definitely a Dooce wannabe (minus the constipation), but I think we all have our own stories to tell. I'll read you if you read me! I'm glad you find Italians swarthy and cute. :)

6:58 PM  

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