Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The 8 Things Meme

I have a vague memory of promising to do this. Of course, I also have a vague memory of my mother coming into my room in the middle of the night on Saturday (never happened), and, yesterday, out of the clear blue sky, I woke up with the realization that I had never really liked this guy that C.S. broke up with a long time ago and hasn't spoken to in years. So, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed right now.

1. I have never successfully made what I would consider a really good vinaigrette. I've tried and tried and tried. I've used various permutations of ingredients, both ordinary and exotic--champagne vinegar, grapefruit juice, basil, sugar, wine, dill, vegetable oil, fresh garlic, roasted garlic, buttermilk--all to no avail. If anybody has any vinaigrette secrets, please share them with me.

2. I'm in the process of assembling a "go" bag for use in the event of an emergency. As part of this process, I spent part of yesterday looking at "survival knives" on the Internet instead of showering, and also contemplating whether I should include some decent reading material in the bag as a necessity, along with items such as water and matches.

3. The best pair of pants I've found in recent years came from Old Navy. I wear them several times a week. I think they cost me $20 about five years ago.

4. I have a lot of trouble whistling.

5. I love to eat breakfast foods for dinner.

6. I hate removing staples.

7. I love peaches, but I avoid them because of the extreme disappointment I feel when I bite into a mealy one, and for the life of me I can't tell from the outside which ones are mealy.

8. I wash most of my fruits and vegetables with soap and water.


Blogger Mama V said...

Vinaigrette.... i use plain old olive oil, vinegar (either white or wine, if I'm feeling all fancy) and some dijon mustard. Whisk and pour.

8:55 AM  
Blogger Tink said...

Reading material could be good. You could use it as TP when you're done!

3:39 PM  
Anonymous jill Brunelle said...

btw, I love reading your blog!

for vinaigrette, my secret is don't whisk, use a canning jar with a lid, or another container who's lid won't pop off. I shake my vinaigrette vigourously to get it to emulsify, and this works way better than whisking, IMHO.

Just put in the items that you think would taste good, and don't forget the salt. Use more than you think you should, and then shake it, baby!

I like using the Ball jar for this, since the lid is more secure, and if there is any extra, I just stash it in the fridge for the next day. Plus, you know how hard it is to get smells out of plastic.

I like to use a little lemon juice, salt, pepper, dijon, and good olive oil.

hope this helps!

Hi from NYC, it said that it misses you...

9:44 PM  
Anonymous wordgirl said...

I have pair of pants I bought at GAP over thirteen years ago...and I was still wearing them until the cleaners lost them last year. I grieve for those pants.

12:33 AM  
Anonymous CS's sister-in-law said...

Darling, vinaigrette is like sex - don't try too hard, and you'll get it right.

So. Find your favorite small mixing bowl - preferably something with an emotional attachment, like from your grandmother or first apartment. Glug in some decent olive oil. Not the artisinal expensive crap, but not the storebrand swill either. Just something pleasantly tasty and appropriate for everyday useage.

Now shake in some red wine vinegar - I use stuff infused with garlic. Again, if you go too fancy and use something high-end and expensive, you're upsetting the dressing's balance. Try to shake in about 1/3 to the oil's 2/3s.

Now - the French trick is to use a very good mustard. THIS is when you blow the bucks and use the imported stuff - we use Maille when we can, or just Poupon if in a pinch. Use just a small forkfull - you just want a little tangy kick from it.

Now salt (garlic salt is my secret - don't tell CS) and pepper to taste, and whisk with a fork.

This is your basic, everyday dressing. It's not ambrosial, but it's a standard part of our menu. Much of this was stolen from Nora Ephron - if you haven't read "Heartburn" yet, pick it up next time you're pumping and bored.

So nursing - it's as if the little babies are sucking the life out of you, eh? Oh wait - they ARE sucking life out of you! Guinness helped me a lot, too. But that was only after the babies started sleeping 5-7 hours at night - we'd put them down, and I'd head straight to the fridge and have half a can. Heaven.

Will write more soon. GREAT BLOG!!!
CS's sister-in-law

9:23 PM  

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